January 17, 2010

I have uploaded some other pictures in my photo gallery which you can get to by scrolling down and clicking onMORE PHOTOS on the right hand side of my site under the pictures.  Just in case you can’t navigate that here are some new pics of the kids:


November 15, 2009

Here is Thomas’s newest school picture:

Gallagher , Thomas 

November 2, 2009

Here are some Halloween pictures of the kids:





October 23, 2009

Well I have been talking to people on facebook that I haven’t talked to in 20 or so years.  I love facebook it is the coolest thing ever, and speaking of cool here are some cool new pics everyone is looking for:






September 24, 2009

Kate and I celebrated our 8th year anniversary on Tuesday by simply saying to each other “Happy Anniversary”.  Both of us have been so busy that we have not even been able to celebrate.  With my job coming to an end next week the focus has been on what we are going to do next.  The place I am at now is lettin people go every day since Monday whihc means no contract extension, which is to bad I really enjoyed working here.  Oh well I’ll find something else.

September 1, 2009

Kate and Thomas are both getting ready to g back to school and both seem to be looking foward to going back to school.  Meanwhile the kids have seemed to transit between nannies (Jackie who left this past week and Dana who started this past week).  My job has ben extended to the end of this month and from all accounts it sounds like it could go longer.  But I am not counting on it going longer so I am looking online for long term work and also catering to my side business repairing PC’s.  We were at a cookout Sunday over my mother’s for John’s side of the family and the kids had a great time while Kate and I took the time to enjoy and relax.  Jillian, my sister, moved out for the second time on Sunday and moved in with some friends.  No other news to report, I will upload new pictures soon, need to get back to work.

August 1, 2009

It has been a busy summer for me as I have been doing computer repair work on the side and currently I am working at a hospital in Boston on a 3 month contract.  Kate just got back from a 4 day vacation at a spa in the western part of the state and she seems to have come back relaxed.  I turned 33 on July 30th and went out to dinner with my mom and step-father and went out to lunch with Kate today to celebrate.  Well that pretty much updates everyone on what has been going on.  Here is a picture of Thomas horseback riding today and a pic of Torri.